I’m Piotr Grabowski, but in the basketball world you know me as “Grabo”. My height is 184cm and my jump is over 121cm. Basketball has been my passion from my youngest years but my basketball journey wasn’t easy.

In 2023 I felt in love with basketball and I started working out a lot. First year I was in the basketball club, where I didn’t find my place. Not much time on court during the games demotivated me from continuing it. Then I found out my passion for basketball dunking.

So I just lowered the rim and I was doing dunks all day long, everyday. 2015 was crucial – I made my first dunk on regular rim height. It was an unforgettable moment, which increased my love for dunking and basketball.

From passion to dunking

From that time dunking became my passion and my way of life.
I’m 100% sure that my history is not only about sports passion. It
proves that you should not give up and determination is the key to
reach your dreams. Every dunk I do is not only unique
move but also the next step on my way to reach goals.

When in 2015 I understood that the basketball club is not
my place, I didn’t cry about it but decided to find my own way. Thanks to that experience I learnt that everything is possible if
you are ready to work and be constant while achieving goals. What at the beginning looked like failure was the key to my own success and

My achievements

My best dunks in 2023.

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